Food & Accommodation
Food & Water

We provide meals three times a day. The main diet is very simple and made of rice and curry. Vegetarian food is available at every meal time.

If you have special dietary needs or like to have some special food, you should arrange it at yourself.

At our centres the water is purified and/or boiled, so there is no need of using special water purifying tablets. If desired, bottled water need to be purchased at your own costs.


We provide individual and/or shared bedrooms, a sitting room, kitchen area, shared bathrooms, solar heated water and flush toilets. Volunteers are responsible for doing their own personal clothes washing and room cleaning.


Shops are easily accessible if you are staying at the Prithipura Infants Home in Hendala.
If you are staying at Anandapura and/or Cotagala, the closest food-shops are at about 30 minutes distance by three wheeler (local taxi), so we advise you to take care of any special requirements in advance.