Sponsor a Meal

It is a tradition in Sri Lanka that parents, and often children, will forego gifts or treats for themselves at times of celebration and will instead organize "Dhana" for a worthy cause. Many chose to celebrate the birthdays of their children by organizing Dhana at one of the Prithipura sites.

Dhana essentially involves the provision of a meal, or meals for an entire day, to one of our sites. Local people will typically organize Dhana so that food arrives already prepared, giving the care givers - the Akkas and Nangis - a welcomed break from preparing everyday food to feed so many mouths. Alternatively local people support the Prithipura communities by donations of food and money.

If you would like to organise Dhana for one of our sites please contact us with details as to which site you would like to organise Dhana for, the date and the value. We will provide you with all relevant information and assist you in organizing the meal.