Sponsor a Resident

Sponsoring an individual is one of the most satisfying ways to give. It means that the sponsor can really make a personal connection with an individual rather than just give to a cause that can seem rather abstract.

At the Prithipura Communities, we work with many people who are not in contact with their parents, and so for them, individual sponsorship adds something very special to their lives.

It means that they know someone in the world is thinking of them and wants them to be happy and do well. Contributing to this feeling of being
valued cannot be underestimated and
that is why our sponsors are so important to us.

The cost of sponsoring an individual
with us is SLR 6,000 per month for
full sponsorship or SLR 2,000 per month
for shared sponsorship.  If you decide on the shared sponsorship option, the child you sponsor may also be sponsored by someone else as well.  

In return, we will send you an introductory letter with information and photos about the child you will be sponsoring. You will also receive an annual report with updated photos, as well as our annual newsletter.

For more details and information or if you are ready to sponsor someone who really needs you, please download the Children's Sponsorship Form here.