The last forty years have seen incredible change and the Prithipura Communities have evolved enormously since their origins in the early 1960s.

In spite of these changes and the expansion of our activities we believe we have maintained our core values and ethos.

As we look to the future we will have to meet the challenge of how we continue to develop our activities while at the same time staying true to what has made us a success to date.

Currently around 250 people with disabilities rely on our services and we are now trying hard to encourage families to work with us and keep their children with them rather than admit them to institutions. To this end, we now have a Resource Centre at Prithipura, and are hoping to establish a training centre at our Asokapura/Cotagala site.

These activities will focus on both de-stigmatising disability in Sri Lanka and providing families that have children with disabilities with the training and skills that they need to look after their children in their own homes.

Similarly, at our independent living initiative at Galle, we are looking to de-stigmatise disability and integrate the more able of our children back into the wider community.

At this site people are trained and supported to live in independent accommodation and manage their lives as much as possible. This initiative is something we want to take further in the coming years.

As we look to the future our developmental goals are both to enhance the infrastructure of our existing facilities and to increase the amount of work we do in the wider community, raising awareness of disability issues and contributing to societal solutions.