The Prithipura Communities is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that strives to provide care, rehabilitation, education and training for people with disabilities.

For those severely disadvantaged members of Sri Lankan society who have no family support, we are one of few organisations that can provide a loving home and assistance. For others, we support their families in particularly difficult times, by providing short term services at our sites until they can return home.

Our commitment is to providing this service to all those in need, irrespective of race, background or religion and totally free of charge. Consequently we are continually looking for funding and support from individuals, companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations to supplement the income we generate ourselves through farming and handicraft production.

While we are always looking for more sustainable income generating activities to promote our own self-sufficiency in the future, the nature of our work makes this very difficult. The support we receive from all over the world is vital to enable us to help those who live with us to help themselves.

Sponsorship opportunities take four forms:

• Sponsoring a resident which is suitable for individual donations

• Sponsoring a meal (or 'Dhana' as is known here) which is very common practise in Sri Lanka

• Sponsoring a project where we rely on the generous support of governmental and non-governmental organizations

• Corporate funding which can contribute to the development of one or more of our several projects; to supporting our ongoing operating expenses and to promoting corporate staff volunteer programs