About us

The Prithipura Communities is a non-profit, non-governmental organization registered as a charity in Sri Lanka and catering to people regardless of race or religion.

In total we have been working with people with disabilities for over 40 years and recognize that everyone has something to offer, no matter how big or small.

The people who arrive with us as children have often been abandoned by their parents and consequently have little hope of returning to the community after rehabilitation, education and training.

For them, the Prithipura Communities is home, and the internal job opportunities at our four centres have been developed to ensure they can engage in meaningful work.

We are reliant on donors and sponsors, and on our farming activities, and expect no payment from those who use our services or their families.

While we are always looking for more sustainable income generating activities to promote our own self-sufficiency in the future, the nature of our work makes this very difficult.

The support we receive from all over the world is vital to enable us to help those who live with us to help themselves. We want to thank all of our sponsors and family and friends who help us.

Our communities are run under the supervision of an honorary committee of individuals of varied disciplines.


Secretary: Pieter Sampath de Kretser
Assistant Secretary: Pushpa (Juliet) Ramanayake

We are an Approved, Registered Charity Registered number GM/5/82, MSS/NSPD/R/23, L-52811 & 7/1638