Galle Centre

The most recent addition to the Prithipura Communities is the Independent Living Centre at Galle. The focus of this centre is the development of independent living skills. We strongly believe in the importance of giving those who live with us permanently more independence and the chance to interact more with a local community. Therefore we have established this home to provide accommodation for those who have mild disabilities and want to experience life on their own.

Here people with disabilities are trained and supported to manage their lives on their own as much as possible and live in an independent accommodation. A care worker will usually visit them to ensure they have no problems and to help out with issues and difficulties they face. If the residents have very mild disabilities these visits may be periodical, but if they need more support they may be daily or even continuous whereby a care worker stays with them at all times.

Six young residents have lived at Galle for the past two years. In addition to the normal chores and duties of maintaining and running an ordinary “normal” house environment, the also work in a weaving workshop and earn some money from the sales of the item they produce. These young people live their lives with minimal supervision and care, have established good relationships with the local community and have demonstrated high levels of ability to undertake functions and tasks for long term sustainable futures.

Weaving Workshop

The young people who live at the Galle Centre are engaged in making handicrafts in a weaving workshop.

They produce items for sale which include the making of lace, friendship bands, and embroidery.

The delicacy of their produce, and their ability to produce it, is a direct challenge to those that stigmatise the less able-bodied. 

The Handicraft Workshop is part of "Prithipurability", which was set up in late 2003 to provide meaningful work and a wage to residents of the Homes.

Prithipurability works with retailers in Colombo to showcase what our residents are capable of creating, focusing on ability as opposed to disability.