Some of the Residents


When the Tsunami struck, little Buddika was sleeping peacefully in his cot.

He had arrived at Prithipura when he was 1.5 months old from a hospital in Colombo as his mother had left the hospital without him and could not be traced.

Buddika has since been sponsored by Sanul, a former volunteer who returned to The Netherlands in July 2005 and remains in regular contact with Prithipura and the child he dearly loves.


Dinusha arrived at the Prithipura Infants Home when she was ten days old. Her family brought her here because they had no idea about what her future would be with them.

Her medical conditions are very serious as her whole body is twisted out of any normal condition.

All her joints have ceased and it is very difficult to feed her because of her abnormality.

We took her to see the doctors at the local hospital but there seems there is nothing that they can do for her. She is extremely small and fragile; and all the staff take great care of her.

Aruna Kumara

Aruna Kumara is 6 years old. He was constantly beaten by his drunken father. Villagers complained to the police who removed this child from his parents and he was brought to Prithipura. He sustained many head injuries and had regular epileptic fits.

More importantly, he was terrified of anyone coming close to him - that was nearly four years ago.

He has been at the Cotagala School for the past two years and wears a helmet to protect him when he falls. In addition he is medicated for his epilepsy and today hugs anyone who happens to walk past by him.


Geethani comes from a family which is genetically disposed to brittle bone syndrome. Her family had already lost both her brothers as a result of this and her family realised that they would not be able to give her the care that she required.

She arrived at the Prithipura Infants Home when she was only two years old.  She is now one of the brightest lights there. Although her mobility is heavily restricted as a result of her disabilities she exudes personality and love. She has learnt English from the many volunteers and visitors that have passed through Prithipura and when there is someone new steals the show.


Rehara is a little girl with Downs Syndrome.  She was brought to the Prithipura Infants Home by her very parents.

On discovering at birth that their daughter had Downs Syndrome, they told their friends and families that the child had died at birth. She was kept hidden at home, miles away in a remote village.

Such was her parents' fear of how the community would react to the arrival of a disabled child.

In rural Sri Lanka, disability is little understood and having a disabled child is heavily stigmatised.

When she was less than a month old, her parents came to ask if she could be taken at the Prithipura Infants Home, as they new that here she could get the love and attention she would need to make the most of her life.

Rehara is now one of the youngest resident at Prithipura, and while the staff are in regular contact with her parents it is unlikely that she will ever return to her family home.

Her mother comes in secret once in a while to visit her daughter and weeps during the entire visit.

As with all the children at Prithipura she is much loved and will continue to be so. She is a constant source of joy to all the care givers and the visitors.


Parami is a delightful four year old little girl. She was referred to us through the Ruhunu Children’s Home in Galle as she was more suited to the environment, education and training that we could offer to her here.

Parami has a serious medical condition (Tetralogy of Fallot) which means that she requires heart surgery to correct this.

Surgeons at the Jayawardenepura General Hospital in Colombo are able to do the required procedure.

We are very pleased that Presbyterian Ladies' College in Sydney are sponsoring the cost of this operation.

We hope that after the operation Parami will be able to live happily just like any other little girl.


Shaliya's mother used to take him in the streets to beg.  The police found him on the side of the road and contacted the Supreme Court.

They decided then to take him to Prithipura. He was 2.5 years then and in a very bad condition.

Thanks to the care received he became stronger and stronger and learned some basic words.

After 8 months his mother took him away and started begging in the streets with him again.

After he was found by the police again, the Supreme Court decided that the mother couldn't visit her son anymore.

Shaliya still has contact with one member of the family, his grandmother. She visits him once a month.

Now Shaliya is able to eat by himself, likes to play in the playhouse, and has started to become friend with some of the other children.


Shantini was brought to the Prithipura Infants Home by two prison officers.

She had been found abandoned, on the road, crying and hungry.

She was picked up by the police, taken to court and placed temporarily in the Welikada prison.

No one had information about her parents, date of birth or even her name.

A medical estimate was made - she is thought of being about 5 years old.

Since her arrival at the Prithipura Infant Homes she has turned into a delightful happy little girl.

Because of her lovely character,  the staff has named her Shantini which means: " All good things must happen to you from now onwards through your life!"

Shantini has Cerebral Palsy, but today is a bright and curious child.


Madushika is a 12 year old girl who has been at the Prithipura Infants Homes for several years now.

She is the oldest in a family of 3 children. 

Her parents brought her to Prithipura when she was 4 years because they weren't able to manage the household with 2 other children.

Every Christmas holiday she goes home.

In the beginning she cried when she had to come back to Prithipura but now this changed because Prithipura is her home.

She is always very hapy to see her friends and the care givers and laughs with joy whenever she returns.

She is a happy and cheerful child who loves to eat rice and curry. She has a real Sri Lankan "tongue"!


People who ring up Prithipura are often greeted on the phone by a young, efficient sounding, un-assuming woman.

She will direct you to hold the line in English or take messages from various callers.

She is Kusuma, who has grown up with Prithipura then through Anandapura and finally Asokapura - Cotagala from where she has graduated to work as the telephone receptionist at Prithipura.

Gone are the days of missed messages and phone mix-ups thanks to the efficient services of Kusuma.

She also takes care of the maintenance of the main house at the Prithipura Infants Homes.

You will always see her running all sorts of household chores.

In spite of being very busy all day long, whenever something extra is needed, she will immediately offer her help in a very friendly way, always with a brigth smile on her face.


At Cotagala, Priyanka sat and passed her o-level exam.

She had been preparing for this event for a long time and now finally the day had dawned when she would be given the chance to prove that she was capable of meeting this challenge.

She did extremely well and now plans to go even further with her studies specializing in music.

In recognition of her abilities she has been given responsibility of teaching a classroom of younger children at the Cotagala School.

She also helps with the work of the Ambasevana house at Cotagala.